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Sylvie Matteau

Associate & Former Partner

For over 24 years Sylvie has been working with individuals and groups in addressing conflict constructively. An attorney with a Masters degree in international Law (McGill University), her work has taken her to international destinations over the years.
Sylvie’s interest in the field of conflict resolution ignited when she was invited to join the Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security in 1984. A few years later, she established one of the first professional mediation services in Montreal where she mediated and facilitated a variety of disputes; civil, family, workplace, business and public related.

Sylvie enjoys observing the enthusiasm of clients and workshop participants when experimenting with new tools and acquiring skills that will enhance their abilities and empower them to productively manage conflict in their environment and workplace. She lectured at a business post-graduate program at the University of Sherbrooke and presented at numerous conferences and venues including McGill University, Interaction conferences, the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, the Cambodia Labour Council and recently the International Ombudsman Association.

In 2003 Sylvie was appointed Vice-Chairperson of the Public Service Labour Relations Board where she also acted as adjudicator and mediator. Since 2006, she has been assisting organizations at the federal level with the review of the policy on the prevention harassment in the workplace and the development of Standards of Practice for federal conflict management systems. She also assisted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Health Canada in enhancing their Informal Conflict Management program.

Sylvie has now transferred this experience to her renewed coaching, consulting, arbitration, investigation, facilitation and mediation practice, continuing her long-standing partnership with ADR Education.

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