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What We Value

Our Mission

At ADR Education, our primary mission is to empower individuals and professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively navigate and resolve disputes outside of traditional litigation. We believe in promoting accessible, fair, and efficient methods of resolving conflicts that serve the interests of all parties involved.

We embrace relationship building, fostering connection, engagement, and clear, precise communication with our clients. We believe in the power of connection and grace.
Our core values include consistency, honesty, commitment, reliability, and transparency. We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring trust in every interaction.

We are dedicated to professionalism, competence, continuous professional development, and learning from our mistakes. Excellence is our standard, and we’re committed to improving every day.

We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by celebrating differences, fostering balance and flexibility, and promoting an inclusive approach. We value and respect individual perspectives and backgrounds.
At ADR Education, our values drive our work, and our mission is to empower our clients and partners through ethical, professional, and inclusive practices.

Our Values About Intervention

At ADR Education, we are unwavering in our dedication to effective intervention. Whether it’s mediation, facilitation, fact-finding, or assessment, our values remain consistent:


We view conflict as a normal and productive experience when managed by capable participants.


We believe in the power of communication and negotiation to resolve disagreements.


We leverage process guidance and communication support to unlock the potential for solutions.


We respect cultural diversity and the varying process expectations of our clients.


We educate and coach amid conflicts, fostering growth.


We exhibit agility, responsiveness, and creativity when challenges arise.


We recognize the inherent problem-solving capacity of individuals in dispute, promoting productivity.


We carefully tailor processes to meet the unique needs of each dispute situation, including employing Trauma-Informed and Restorative practices.

Our Professional Service Standards

In all our work, we take our commitment to professional integrity seriously. This includes:


Maintaining impartiality in our relationships with affected parties.


Conducting interventions in line with organizational and union standards


Ensuring timely and efficient processes to facilitate resolutions.


Providing ongoing documentation, updates, and transparent communication.


Upholding confidentiality and discretion with entrusted information.

Our Values About Learning & Education

At ADR Education, we approach learning solutions with a focus on the unique aspects of adult learning groups. Our methods prioritize engagement over mere delivery and encourage active participation.

In every learning project, we hold these values dear:


Adult learning encompasses the integration of Attitude (philosophy, policy, culture), Process (varied learning methods), and Skills (behaviors and specific actions).


Embrace diversity in learning styles, tailoring our solutions to each client’s preferences and needs.


Facilitate learning by responding to clear, objective educational objectives.


Employ experience-based learning methods, including role-playing, coaching, demonstrations, and skills-building activities.


Acknowledge and build upon the existing expertise of adult learners, optimizing skill acquisition.

Let us help you

Whether you’re facing conflict at your doorstep or seeking to enhance your problem-solving skills, we’re your trusted partner. Contact us for expert dispute resolution and conflict education programs.