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For over 25 years ADR Education has been a trusted provider of training in negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution for federal and provincial government agencies, private corporations, and beyond.

Our Training Philosophy: Integrating Attitude, Process, and Skills

We emphasize the integration of Attitude, Process, and Skills, believing that learners must develop proficiency in all three dimensions: philosophy, methodology, and technical skills. Our learning solutions are meticulously tailored to our clients’ expectations and context. We focus on experiential learning, utilizing coached role plays, demonstrations, mixed-media presentations, and skills-building activities.

Our Training Offerings

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Discover the power of effective conflict resolution leadership through our engaging mediation training. Gain essential negotiation and facilitation skills to promote constructive dialogue and resolution in any environment. Our approach, centered on a 4-stage interest-based process model, adapts to your unique culture and context, cultivating self-awareness and solution-facilitating abilities.
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We teach an interest-based negotiation approach, grounded in a philosophy of achieving objectives rather than battling over positions. Extensive practice, experimentation, and skill development are central to our courses, promoting efficiency, and principled communication.

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Effective communication, especially in conflict, is a foundational life skill. Our program develops conflict competency, increasing awareness of conflict dynamics and building strategies for engaging in difficult conversations. We focus on communication models, questioning techniques, and reflective listening behaviors.
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We teach the art of delivering procedural support to discussions. Facilitators learn to enhance group dynamics, problem-solving capacity, and structured discussion processes. Tools and techniques are emphasized, ensuring clarity, exploration of interests, and shared understandings.
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Our team building approach increases collaboration and strengthens relationships, customized to each team’s unique circumstances and culture. Through collaboration exercises, we foster cooperation, effective group decision-making, trust, and inter-personal awareness.
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Creating a respectful workplace requires awareness, sensitivity, and practical knowledge about addressing harassment, discrimination, and disrespect. We go beyond policy definitions to develop skills for addressing inappropriate behaviors and promoting respectful cultures.
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Leaders need specialized skills and expertise; Our program covers a broad range of themes, including feedback, teamwork, collaboration, meetings, decision-making, and conflict facilitation. It integrates coaching, case studies, practice scenarios, and peer discussions to enhance leadership performance and effectiveness.

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Whether you’re facing conflict at your doorstep or seeking to enhance your problem-solving skills, we’re your trusted partner. Contact us for expert dispute resolution and conflict education programs.