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Our Recommended Tools

Discover our curated selection of essential tools utilized by conflict engagement specialists and educators on a daily basis. These recommended learning resources are designed to nurture your internal conflict competencies, refine skills, and streamline processes. Find them available for purchase exclusively on the ConflictAbility website.

Training Materials

The Practice of Negotiation

Authored by Sloan and Chicanot, this training manual distills their extensive professional experience and conflict resolution training into a comprehensive guide. It elucidates the attitude, process, and skills integral to interest-based negotiation and conflict resolution. Ideal for those seeking to enhance negotiation quality and collaborative problem-solving, this e-book (PDF) serves as an essential ‘how-to’ reference.

The Practice of Mediation

A sought-after guide catering to aspiring mediators and facilitators, this concise text provides a practical overview of the mediation process. It offers clear insights into the attitude, process, and skills pertinent to interest-based mediation. Widely utilized in mediator training programs and academic institutions across Canada, it’s an indispensable resource for anyone taking on a mediator role, professionally or otherwise. Available as an e-book (PDF).
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The ConflictAbility Assessment

This assessment provides personalized insights into your conflict resolution approach, measuring your skills and processes in handling disagreements and differing perspectives.

This learning tool evaluates your conflict engagement and suggests how you might improve. Get a detailed report on successful strategies and actionable behaviors post-assessment. Ideal for personal growth, team collaboration, and fostering better relationships within workplaces, boards, organizations, and families.

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