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Robert Pidgeon


Robert holds Master’s degrees in conflict management and applied mathematics. He was drawn to conflict management work through two life-long interests. Robert’s love of complex problem solving helps clients design engagement processes to navigate their most challenging situations. And his drive to remain deeply curious helps others to understand both themselves and their situation fully, so they can transform conflict and achieve shared goals. Robert’s clients are drawn from fields including all levels of government, small and large private sector companies and non-profit organizations.

A Chartered Mediator and a highly respected educator in the conflict management field, Robert’s training and coaching approach fully engages participants. Over two decades Robert has designed hundreds of tailored workshops for a broad range of clients. He is also an instructor for conflict management courses at the University of Toronto and is Associate Faculty in the School of Peace and Conflict Studies at Royal Roads University.

Robert provides expert mediation, conflict coaching, conflict assessment and conflict investigation services to clients. He is experienced in the design and facilitation of ongoing dialogue processes between interconnected stakeholders including unions and management. Robert volunteers with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario assessing new applicants for Chartered Mediator status in Ontario.

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