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Mallorie Nicholson


Mallorie brings a grounding and empathetic presence when it comes to difficult conversations. She has over a decade of experience in conflict intervention in both the private and public sector including, individuals, community organizations, government and First Nations across BC and Canada. She uses a blend of analytical thinking and a process-driven approach to break down walls and shift disputes from avoidance & competition to the pursuit of shared goals and collaboration.

Mallorie is driven by an intrinsic desire to help individuals & groups understand the differences that make parties unique, while highlighting the shared purposes and interests that connect. Her preferred methodology for this is mediation, facilitation and conflict assessment to help get to the root of conflict, followed by group training and education to transfer institutional knowledge to make a lasting organizational impact.

Mallorie’s educational background includes an MA in Dispute Resolution (University of Victoria), a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Toronto) as well as regular continuing education in dispute resolution leadership. Outside of work, Mallorie is a former World Champion and Pan-American athlete in the sport of sprint canoeing. She is also a high-performance Dragon Boat coach, including coaching Canada’s Dragon Boat National Team.

For Mallorie, effective dispute resolution runs to the same drumbeat as team boat racing. Both require synchronized efforts, effective communication, and a shared commitment to navigate through choppy waters, fostering a collaborative environment that helps participants reach their goals together.

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