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Jamie Chicanot

Associate & Former Partner

Jamie has been working as a conflict engagement specialist for the past 20 years in myriad contexts across Canada. He regards himself first and foremost as a helper and is drawn to the work because of that identity. He values being catalytic to other people’s problem solving efforts and enjoys motivating groups and individuals to engage more constructively in conflict.

He designs dispute resolution learning modules and delivers training courses across the country. He specializes in helping organizations, communities and other social units implement conflict resolution programs and capacity building initiatives. He assists by equipping learners with a range of processes and skills that can be practically applied in varying settings.

Jamie’s intervention work includes a range of different processes and is broad in scope. His expertise includes mediation, facilitation, team building, conflict resolution system design, workplace assessments, investigations, and coaching. He provides conflict analysis and process design services to a variety of clients in diverse personal and professional contexts.

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